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according to Singapore's "joint news network" reported on November 23rd, according to the statistics of the Japanese authorities, in 2014 the old man lost home has exceeded 10 thousand people. GPS positioning shoes reported that, in order to eliminate the worries of caregivers, Japanese workers racked their brains, research and development of related surveillance products. A Japanese technology companies have figured out a way, the global locator GPS introduction of shoes, old man wherever he won't get lost. System Inn Nakagomi, Japan, launched GPS shoes on the market. The super mini GPS was placed inside and behind the shoes, and the information about the old man's place was given to the security company and his family at any time. The shoes with the function of looking are not the same as ordinary shoes, but the shoes with GPS must be charged. It can be used for 400 hours every two hours. When the battery runs out, it also sends text messages to the family or care, so that they pay close attention to the whereabouts of the elderly. Because small GPS is lightweight, old people don't feel uncomfortable wearing it. In the evening, when walking, it flashes automaticall cheap foamposites y. it is understood that the invention was funded by the Yamanashi County authorities. In April 2014 the county's statistics, in the county of 24263 people with dementia, accounting for 65 of the county population over the age of 10.6%. Statistics also show that the county's demented elderly population is growing rapidly, in 2014 1000 more than in 2013. Before the success of GPS shoes R & D, the county has used GPS technology to monitor the whereabouts of the elderly, such as some of the old organs to let the old street wearing a positioning position watches. But it's not going to solve the problem completely, because the old man often loses watches. But shoes aren't easy to lose, so it's going to change the problem now. According to the sale website, GPS the old man a pair of shoes for 60 thousand yen (about 3114 yuan); in addition, users also to set a monthly basic communication fee. (global shoe network Arlene editor) ??????shipping information b f b ee ff bd jpg pixels For the Home Initials Bedrooms and Beds online store canada Office Jeans Jeans Blazers and Tees information b f b ee ff &nbs" /〉 orange leather shoes mens Plus Size Outfits For Work be cheap jordans for sale st Page of Plus Size Outfits Plus Size and Animal Prints purses and accessories Khaki amp Blue Contest III Khakis Blue and Graduation Outfits shipping information b f b ee ff bd jpg pixels For the Home Initials Bedrooms and Beds today, Louis Vuitton 2017 men's series released, has been the uproar of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme joint has also been confirmed. Launched a series of joint products, printed with Louis, Vuitton, iconic Monogram patterns and Supreme Logo frequent occurrence of them. The series includes backpacks, scarves, shirts, belts and Phone, Case, and so on. For further details, please keep in mind the reports we have brought. previously, Westbrook has been wearing Air Jordan XXX1 and Air Jordan XXX fusion shoes on the field, and this time also began to prepare for the sale of the market. The new Air Jordan XXX1 "Why Not" will be on sale at the designated store on April 29th at a price of $200. You want early adopters do not miss a friend.Today, China's first training camp in 24 hours after the competition 12 projects in Beijing 751 Art District successfully concluded the first workshop. After half a month of training camp this hot recruitment, the final o cheap air jordans online ption to allocate 30 elite teams through different network and cable media platform, a total of 120 courage to put aside an excuse to challenge themselves warriors, on the morning of August 15 10:00 started 24 hours passionate and challenging training journey. The camp of PUMA 24 hour play is # set aside in the new concept PUMA training series under the pretext # inspired the birth. # # Philosophy aside an excuse to encourage the mass in motion or life fearless barriers, will be faster, stronger and better targeted to challenge yourself.Although it was summer, but the shoes fans to help shoes let the favor of the Nike firm on the release of the new book at the moment of confidence. This pair of Free Inneva Woven Mid by black knitted shoes, the lightweight design is very suitable for summer wear, and the leather uppers provide a more comfortable feeling, the outsole is equipped with Free 5. This design is the first stage of the two is very low-key, the shoe body made of black tongue runs through the Swoosh from yellow dot. item: 800907-001Price: a-first-look-nike-free-inneva-woven-mid-01.jpg (56.34 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Mid 2015-7-3 09: jordans for sale 32 upload a-first-look-nike-free-inneva-woven-mid-04.jpg (65.14 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Mid 2015-7-3 09:32 upload a-first-look-nike-free-inneva-woven-mid-05.jpg (50.68 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Mid 2015-7-3 09:32 upload a-first-look-nike-free-inneva-woven-mid-02.jpg (53.1 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Mid 2015-7-3 09:32 upload a-first-look-nike-free-inneva-woven-mid-03.jpg (48.45 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Mid 2015-7-3 09:32 upload 0under-armour-curry-one-low-friends-family-championship-pe-1.jpg (26.43 KB, download number: 0) download Under Armour Curry One Low Friends & Family Championship PE 2015-7-8 09:19 uploadAmsterdam shoe brand Pieces Filling recently launched the first wave of 2016 spring and summer "Metamorphoses" series, they will launch 250 different styles, divided into three stages of release. Designer and founder Guillaume Philibert specially lead the team traveled to South Africa Surinam shooting lookbook, spend effort can be seen large, it even Philibert are said: "metamorphoses series is filling pieces of milestone, mean Cheap air jordans for sale s that we keep the core value and the brand transformation. In addition to the new single product, Pieces Logo website and Filling also redesigned, we can go to the official website to buy in December 18th. source: HYPEBEASTIn addition to one of SuperStar, aididas Originals Campus 80s is another classic brand of sneakers in the list of the most known style, with clean lines and minimalist details, cope with everyday styling is no difficulty, but also high popularity granted. has been the advent of spring quarter, the brand also began to busy to release new models of the season. Until recently, aiddas Originals more exposure for several models 2012 fall and winter quarters Campus 80s & quot; OG & quot; Pack, which includes navy blue, forest green and black more basic selection to suede as fabrics expand the shoe body, equipped with high-contrast Classic white 3-Stripe detail, is absolutely not to be missed aididas Originals classic sneakers, start with a friend interested can log on the official website booking end purchase price: 65 pounds. & nbsp; Source:. End Nanfang Daily News (reporter / Zhang Xilu) this morning, the Guangzhou non motor vehicle and motorcycle manage jordan shoes online sale ment regulations "(Draft) (hereinafter referred to as" Regulations (Draft) ") submitted to the Guangzhou Municipal fourteenth session of the NPC Standing Committee for the fiftieth session to consider, which clearly, within the administrative area of Guangzhou city will prohibit the sale of electric bicycles, in the prohibition of motorcycle traffic within the scope of the prohibition of motorcycle sales, and in the Yuexiu District, Haizhu District, Liwan District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District range to prohibit the sale, the travel ban human tricycle. "five kinds of vehicles" how to manage? The city's Ban Ban Ban district six electric bicycle tricycle "Regulations (Draft)" on the non motor vehicle and motorcycle sales, on the road management can be described as sincere to the flesh ", the creation of a" lock up "," no oil "," cut line "," No Parking "," no operation "management system. including the provisions prohibiting the production does not meet the national standard of non motor vehicles and not included in the national "road motor vehicle production enterprises and product announcement" of the motorcycle; within the administrative area of the city banned sales of electric bicycles, in the prohibition of motorcycle traffic within the scope of the prohibition of motorcycle sales, in Yuexiu District, Haizhu District, Liwan District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District range to prohibit the sale, travel ban human tricycle,; the city administrative region within the gas station to ban is not hanging plate and suspension field plate of motorcycle, the disabled wheelchair motor vehicles, prohibit the supply of vehicles on the roads, the city motorcycle limited range of gas station to ban motorcycle oil, cut off the non motor vehicle and motorcycle oil source;,ban non motor vehicles and motorcycles on the road in a specific area of the city; in a specific area of the public car park to prohibit the parking of non motor vehicles, motorcycles; prohibit the use of non motor vehicles and motorcycles engaged in illegal operations. in addition, the "Regulations (Draft)" is also a clear ban on motorcycle driving routes, in addition to clear the Guangzhou University City Motorcycle ban, east of Whampoa?? district and Zengcheng district at the junction; South to Haizhuqu District, Whampoa?? and Panyu District junction; West Liwan District, Baiyun District and Foshan city at the junction of the north to the North Central Expressway (Sha; Bei Hai to zengcha road junction), zengcha Road (North Central Expressway intersection to Xicha Road), West Croucher Road, Huangshi Road, Huangshi, Shi Tam Road, Baiyun Avenue (Huangshi Road intersection to Tongtai Road intersection), Po, Tai Road, Sha Tailu road to the intersection with (in Road intersection), in road, Zhongyuan Road, Tianyuan Road (in Lu Yibei), Guangshan Road (Tianyuan Road intersection to create a road intersection), open road (Shantou highway and Guangzhou Shenzhen highway intersection), Guangzhou Shenzhen highway (east of the road to create a road) will also prohibit the passage of motorcycles. violation, and how to punish? Illegal sales of a fine of 2000 yuan due to the low cost of non motor vehicles and motorcycles, the "Regulations (Draft)" increased the penalties for violations of law. The proposed sales of electric bicycle and motorcycle lock up in the area of the city, illegal sales of disabled.Derek - Ross will return to NBA and will be the focus of next season. A few seasons before Ross is not in the court, but its signature shoes still on sale have a good performance, it is also proved that the NBA most valuable player reputation is not free. Ross's signature continues, although the Adidas D Rose 4 has not been officially unveiled, but today the first list of Adidas D Rose 4.5 face, the shoe body used as black Hyherfuse vamp, and silver zebra lines with collocation sense of decoration, red lining gives people a feeling of inner boot. Followed by the above three bar decoration to let us see that it is the identity of adidas. And the white midsole and the big bottom form a body, is it just a simple EVA material? From the picture we also see a red / black color, with a bull color temperament, new products are expected to be released in 2014, like friends, please pay attention to our follow-up reports. Lakers Nick · Yang is a standard Sneaker Head; he is not only a regular choice of athletic shoes, but also a shoe lover in private. Last year, his home had been stolen, lost a pair of "red coconut", let him love dearly. But recently, when he showed his shoes to the media, we saw not only a new pair of "red coconut", but also a variety of other shoes. Let's see what happened. ;