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Recently, Ruan Chengbian, Vice Minister of Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam (Nguy n Thà NH Bi n) in the southern provinces and business forum said that the first 9 months of this year, Vietnam exports amounted to $35 billion 200 million, an increase of 19.4%, completed the 75.4% year plan. Rapid growth of rice, aquatic products, textiles, footwear products exports: textiles (exports of $5 billion 800 million, an increase of 31.7%), rice recently, Vice Minister of Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam Ruan Chengbian (Nguy n Thà NH Bi n) in the southern provinces and Business Forum said that the first 9 months of this year in Vietnam, exports amounted to $35 billion 200 million, an increase of 19.4%, completed the 75.4% year plan. Rapid growth of rice, aquatic products, textiles, footwear products exports: textiles (exports of $5 billion 800 million, an increase of 31.7%), rice ($1 billion 260 million, up 14.9%), aquatic products ($2 billion 700 million, up 13.4%), footwear ($2 billion 970 million, up 13.1%). Nguyen also said, in order to achieve the goal of GDP growth of 8% in 2008, Vietnam's merchandise exports in 2008 to reach $58 billion 600 million, an increase of 22% over 2007. (Editor: admin).October is approaching, the prevention of breast cancer awareness month limit Reebok to create shoes has been gaining momentum, the first formally issued a special color Kamikaze 2 new shoes with white leather, suede and nubuck leather as the main material, and collocation pink adorn brand labels, LOGO and in the end, but the rain pattern effect is the most bright spot is also black background pink color collocation. It is reported that Isaiah Thomas will return in Octo cheap foamposites ber with the debut of the pro. In October 3rd the official full code limited sale shop shelves, including Finish Line, America Jimmy Jazz, Champs, Eastbay, DTLR, Shoe, City and Reebok. BbsImg141109105514866_1024_778.jpg (47.92 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Kamikaze 2 color breast cancer prevention 2014-9-19 10:00 upload BbsImg141109104574646_1024_887.jpg (48.48 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Kamikaze 2 color breast cancer prevention 2014-9-19 10:00 upload BbsImg141109104055016_1024_843.jpg (43.01 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Kamikaze 2 color breast cancer prevention 2014-9-19 10:00 Reebok Kamikaze upload 2, breast cancer 00what could be happier than being a spokesperson for a beloved brand? Recently, Chanel's loyal fan, Pharrell Williams, became the first male to appear in an Chanel branded handbag. The crocodile leather handbag Gabrielle has a unique charm. Noah has been working to raise awareness about global warming concern and protection of nature, Noah recently launched a new "Smokey the Bear" don't note series, the series of forest fire to the U. S. forest service mark of Smokey the Bear as inspiration, combined with the classic "Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fire" slogan, to create the hoodies, T-Shirts, hats and other variety of products, has now landed in designated shops.Recently, located in Shanghai Maoming North Hall KIN a new dress, as the summer's hot new Nike Sportswear Tee held a special exclusive preview. Many fashion lovers, DJ, designerRecently, CLOT host Edison Chan and the famous sports brand owned by Nike Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jacket to build branch.Nike Sportswear Mercer Street in New York, the flagship Bowery Stadium is n cheap foamposites for sale ot only a franchise stores, is more of a creative and exhibition space, and regularly invite trend concerned to cooperate, create different themes of the works. Edison Chan in the recent New York business also with artists and CLOT host identity to Bowery Stadium, and customization of recent strong Nike SportswearDestroyer Jacket. With a black and red as the main element, to the " CLOT RAT PACK" overall theme and the use of mouse outline pattern " CLOT against the world " highlight a strong advocate of.NIKE near section time really hard, especially in the RUNNING part PROJECTA few days ago have seen this pair of LUNAR ORBIT+ spy, although it can not very like, but at least is a " good " especially for me this kind of " 2000 the "LUNAR ORBIT+ PRESTO CHANJO in feeling, slightly rounded toe cap and a little fat shoe body, of course, the similarity is that there is no rope design. After ten years later, a similar design yet again. But the LUNAR ORBIT+ " + ", many LUNAR.Although I love the original progenitor of the PRESTO CHANJO, but this pair of LUNAR ORBIT+ row grid I have with the attraction. And the NIKE for this new film and propaganda should not weak, even very likely to get Fujiwara HIROSHI blessings, you can rub one's eyes and wait ..." Destroy to Create " is an aptly named title for the new Nike Sportswear campaign to launch their latest Destroyer Jacket. Showing how Nike Sportswear transposes codes, cultures and creative industries, various creative ' s will showcase their ability throughout the campaign. To launch the campaign, London ' s Nike 1948 space will play host to Mark Cavendish x Duffy, I Have Pop, Harry Malt x Tim Barber, Frank ( Gallows frontman ) and Emiliano Liberatori from Cheap foamposites for sale Frith Street Tattoos.Nike Sportswear: Destroy to Create Video is a post from: SLAMXHYPE |Nike Sportswear All Court Low Twist previous official in Taiwan for sale that is caused by a topic, this pair of to in recent years popular helicopter All Court Low change from the new shoes for the first time since after the shoe caused fans at All Court Twist. This vision with Footscape peculiar inclined lace design, and complete uppers of monochromatic suede, this innovative design elements is to win shoes fans praise . This open grey, blue, dark blue and the other three unprecedented new color, believe love shoes fans even more so. The only series of new All Court Twist has yet to have the exact release news, like friends be aware of future more follow-up report.One of my favourite releases from Nike Sportswear this year, see s a new release ' with 3 new colourways, Blue, Grey and Slate. The classic All Court with an assymetrical lacing system is due out in the next few weeks at all your usual spots.Image: HSNike Sportswear All Court Twist New Colours is a post from: | SLAMXHYPENike Sportswear recently launched autumn new lightweight jogging jacket DWR Twill Classic. With high permeability fabric, rapid ventilation, suitable for jogging, in addition the chest waterproof zippered layer can isolate water entry. The goods were introduced brown and black two, and each with a strong color contrast zipper. Like friends can NOS purchased, costs about 7000 yuan NT8/25 in Tokyo released three new color fragment design x Air Zoom All Court, to add some color heels, blue, blue, and black color, of course I dashed logo All Court signs a selling point, if you haven't proceed with these, then the next message you m jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ust be renewed concern. Recently announced the Nike Sportswear x fragment design Zoom All Court Chinese don't note version, the heel of the shoe on the color red to take this to the landlord, the blue fragment design logo is no less than that, 9/18 will sell at predetermined related news, please continue to lock this stage is queen stage of the transition section, starting point are located in the Cape Peninsula University of science and technology of Wellington campus, full km, the overall difficulty of only 3.5 stars (the highest degree of difficulty for 5 stars). The destination set whether already indicates the stage must be controlled by the young people in the University campus. In the end, the team from the San Marco Trek-Selle team in Italy for the first time in the competition to get their first win of the tournament, the final score of 3:06.47.3. Porro Damiano and Ferraro Samuele at the end of the line before the excitement of the chariot raised his head to celebrate the hard won victory. today's route has a lot of one-way street, and there are a lot of climbing, a lot of drivers start to eat, so the back of the driver is also more and more. After this stage, a total of 650 cars only 508 cars, nearly 300 riders were eliminated or retire because of injury. the day is young people's runway, coincidentally, had to give Bulls team in the main the Bulls team (Simon Stiebjahn, Tim John G. Boehme) the stage light mask elder brother, with 11 seconds gap obtained in this stage of the second, and main Bulls team won the fourth stage, once again proved that the 'Ginger is old hot' the old adage is untenable. "Today at the start of the match rhythm on a pull quickly, we have a clear mind game v cheap air jordans ery early will be added to the one-way street (which means once behind will not be beneficial to go beyond), lucky is we before entering the one-way street will occupy the excellent location, and remain in the rest of the journey will be advantage. This is today we can achieve good results in the key factors," said Bulls team of Simon Stiebjahn. Team Bulls Karl Platt for their second team get good grades approvingly: "watching Simon and Tim two boys stand on the podium I am very happy in before the common training I witness their strength become more and more strong, perhaps in the subsequent game he will continue to receive stage victory." CST superior fleet of the Dutch partner Rudi van HOUTS and Hans Becking to 3:08.01 results line, 11th in a stage, for the third stage. and win popular Topeak ergon racing's Kristian Hynek because in a stage before the end of 5km fall car elbow suffered serious injuries, so had to withdraw from the competition, for eventually missed the GC. The stage after Italy, dark horse combined total score of channeling to the third, among the Bulls team and the centurion VAUDE by Meerendal second team and a strong control still keeps the absolute advantage in the field of Bulls team, leading to a total score the second name of 9 minutes and 44 seconds. 〉 the following before debut CES 2015, overwhelmed by the Nike Air MAG father Tinker Hatfield confirmed this classic "future boots air MAG power Laced automatic lacing system will be in this year was launched. If the Air Mag as scheduled by the end of the year on sale, then it probably is equipped with the latest technology of lace. The movie "back to the future" video is as follows: more the latest shoes runnin jordans on sale mens g shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. pictures from the networkIn 2016 Jordan Brand engraved starring Air Jordan 7 will advance to play, let the fans dream of shoes Bordeaux color version will be officially released next month. This dual classic design since 1992 will again reappear in the authentic shoes fans, this time by the superior texture of nubuck leather crafted by black and gray as the body of the shoe main tone, supplemented by the details of red wine. item: 304775-034 release date: July 18thPrice: air-jordan-7-bordeaux-remastered-1-940x660.jpg (65.44 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2015-6-30 10:03 upload air-jordan-7-bordeaux-remastered-5.jpg (78.84 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2015-6-30 10:03 upload air-jordan-7-bordeaux-remastered-4.jpg (96.22 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2015-6-30 10:03 upload air-jordan-7-bordeaux-remastered-2.jpg (65.99 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2015-6-30 10:03 upload air-jordan-7-bordeaux-remastered-3.jpg (70.76 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2015-6-30 10:03 upload air-0 reporters from the 102nd session of China import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) learned by the new export tax rebate policy and the EU to impose anti-dumping duties on the part of footwear products China, China footwear enterprises export is facing great challenges, more and more enterprises are trying to find a new way out, many shoe enterprises will be looking to the market prospects of the Central Asian market. "compared with similar foreign products, the Chinese shoes with excellent quality and reasonable price are attractive to consumers in central asia." The manager of a shoe company in Wenzhou said that with the improvement of living standards of people living in Central Asia, more and more people like to wear Chinese shoes, which provides new opportunities for Chinese shoes enterprises. , , , win over, race, fly, double star and other well-known Chinese shoe enterprises have shown a strong interest in the Central Asian market. Data show that at present, 98% of the shoes sold in the Central Asian market are imported shoes, while China's shoes account for 80% of the total imports. but Zhejiang Saifei Shoe Co., a responsible person said, based on a new market is not easy, must according to the target market of consumer habits and preferences of the production of marketable products, enterprises need to do a lot of research promotion work. in addition, there are some Chinese shoe proposal led by the government, chamber of Commerce, thoroughly research on the Central Asian market, understand the market demand trend and design innovation in the style, type, color, footwear production for Central Asian ethnic customs and regional features, to hold the market as soon as possible. (Editor: admin) in recent years, more and more domestic marathon short entry group increased, more and more lovers into them, of which there is no lack of a thin target jogger, but how many hearts will exist some questions, did not give the right answer to the people, here for everyone to solve some common myths. myths: run more knee pain? 1stMythToo Much Front, Knee Pain Run? most runners will find, many enthusiasts, and even their own running career how many there will be pain, the most common is a knee, run more is equal to a knee injury?? answer is not entirely correct, running itself is harmless, pain from to run the ideas and knowledge, it is first necessary to understand the rest equally important, most people find eager and ignore the body's warning, tired have proper rest, reply the bodily integrity, the next training would be more effective. again to emphasize the warm-up and ease of important, running, although it is one of the most natural human behavior, but been studying all day to work your, began to motion of body has already stiff unceasingly, so don't forget to to through the first warm-up to start physical activity mechanism, can let you avoid unnecessary injuries, after running also don't forget stretching and relaxation, in addition can accelerate the metabolism of lactic acid, but also to strengthen the muscles of the flexibility, let you return to faster! select appropriate equipment and pay attention to correct posture, everyone ankle and midfoot is somewhat different, will affect the feet landing position and time, so before running to wear suitable shoes, can let your ankles and knees are a lot to alleviate the burden, the simplest way is to shop interview wear even try a little see to run, if you can keep your ankle and correct position and stability, and has reduced the soles of the feet of the pressure is a double for your shoes. the last step, choose a double favorite style package home. In addition to shoes, some due to weather changes with the beams such as trousers and jacket, according to the economic capacity to buy, to protect your knees and your health. As for the correct running posture, I recommend the "running, how to run?" "A book, there are professional running coach, after 20 years of research and the posture to run method (pose method of running)", if can consult the professional manager or senior in the correct running posture, I want to you can learn faster and better. If you do this, believe that the pain will not be easy to find you. Myth two: run more legs thicker ?2ndMythToo Much Calf, Hypertrophy ? Runa lot of beauty of the girls think that running will make legs thicker and avoid the fear, this is completely wrong! In addition to gene, which can not be changed, calves would be becomes coarse reason mainly is lack of extensional and metabolic adverse, after running in, the size of the legs will be because of the continuous muscle stretching and 〉Adidas NMD and Chukka combined with the Adidas NMD Chukka, following the Black Suede version, this time again exposed red suede version, bringing a full stream of temperament. classic red and white collocation, vitality unlimited, exquisite and trendy. In March 17th, let's begin, gentlemen Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox with its simple appearance is popular with young people, the Converse Converse Chuck launched a very unique texture Taylor All Star Ox set of new products, new to the warm sand color, blue, gray and purple color bad skin vamp is the main color, white decoration and vulcanized sole with color collocation the embossed leather tongue tag and grip blessing. The new product is expected to be available in Size on May 10th, and friends who like it can pay attention to it.