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Sports players artists Pushead & times; Nike SB re-launched joint shoes 2012-07-06 08:26:14 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Empty Island] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network July 6 hearing, has been active in the fashion industry after famous artists Pushead in 2009 launched a series of new products in cooperation with the NEIGHBORHOOD, Nike SB recently Pushead join hands together to launch a co-branded models Dunk Low Pro. I do not know whether we understand, this joint is not Pushead and Nike SB's first collaboration, as early as 2005 on cooperation between the two launched one pair of Dunk Low, was caused by the introduction of a shoe people who love wide heat discuss and praise. The launch of the joint section Dunk Low Pro continues the Pushead its unique design style, into a large number of its representative Punk elements, as long as a well-known Pushead friends can see he designed products. Shoe shape chosen color gradient canvas cloth, black and brown suede rubber sole and heel skull logo printed on tadpoles, Punk sense. This joint paragraph Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Nike store will be on sale in July 15, the price of about 890 yuan, and interested friends not to miss yo. Related newsNike will be releasing a hoodie coat as part of the Nike Air Force 125th Anniversary Memorial, . Designed by Japanese Hectic Crew. The jacket features a full body air force 1 pattern. There are white and black colors. download (74.86, KB) ; R8, F9, J", j:, Z6, C, A., K, Q., W0, V7, A, O*, [0, C, this Monday, a suspected LeBron All Star color appeared on the Internet for the first time, attract jordans for sale ed the attention of the majority of shoe fans. This time, Instagram once again shed more of this LeBron 11 real shot pictures. We can see from the picture, the shoes shoes with white collocation navy blue, white also has bright luminous effect, not only a charming light in the dark environment, the shoe body will reveal the star irregular patterns revealed extremely mysterious feeling, in addition, shoe lining and insole also loading the abstract pattern decorate. (R-, P1, a (E5, ^0, L6,, W0, E5, D1, C., S7, J)Source: Author: Click: second, the current domestic shoes industry there is no unified national standard situation, is expected to be broken next year! Reporters learned yesterday that China's first mandatory national standards for the production of children's leather shoes are expected to be introduced in January next year. Yesterday, the national footwear quality supervision and Inspection Center Standardization Office of the relevant person in charge of Miss Chen confirmed to reporters: "children's shoes" standard has been submitted to the National Standardization Management Committee, the current domestic children's shoes industry there is no uniform standard of the situation is expected to be broken in the next year! Reporters learned yesterday that China's first mandatory national standards for the production of children's leather shoes are expected to be introduced in January next year. yesterday, footwear national quality supervision and Inspection Center Standardization Office of the relevant person in charge of Miss Chen confirmed to reporters: "children's shoes" standard has been submitted to cheap jordans for sale the National Standardization Management Committee, is currently in the approval stage, but the introduction date yet to be announced." in addition, reporters yesterday from the China trade relief information network was informed that China produced 90 thousand pairs of boots for girls with "Hannah Montana" design is due to the existence of security risks, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled. (Editor: admin). by the famous NAMC risk investment in domestic investment consortium's fashion (Guangzhou) Limited was registered. It is reported that this is the venture capital for the first time to enter the Chinese market, women's shoes. the brand process of Chinese women's shoes market is still short, but its explosive growth rate is remarkable. According to AC Nielsen survey, China has become the world's largest market for women shoes for 3 consecutive years. At the same time, the brand market of Chinese women shoes is scattered and does not have the overall standard, and enterprises generally lack the concept of "vision planning" and "brand marketing". As Chinese's mainstream consumer groups, middle-class women, but is forced to accept from Italy, France, Germany and other European and American brands of fashion culture and values, the deep levels of consumer demand has been suppressed and ignored, they need more suitable for women's footwear brand China. present situation China shoes based on NAMC combined with Zhejiang consortium, together, the introduction of international advanced consumer brand operation concept, normative and scientific management experience, and strive for the Chines cheap air jordans e middle-class women tailor's this professional fashion brand, promote and share Chinese brand shoes industry the golden period of development. 60 million, buy 80 pages, & nbsp; ; ___'s unique brand of startup since the beginning of 2007, rising raw material prices, the appreciation of the RMB, part of raw hides and finished leather export tax rebate policy to cancel, China EU anti-dumping shoes products; Russia and the United States and other world powers also have to Chinese consumer shoe shoes lit a "red light", the pressure caused Chinese shoes overcapacity, struggling. "Industry reshuffle" trend is inevitable. According to the European American footwear retailers Association forecast report shows: by the United States sub loan crisis and global inflation and other factors, Europe and the United States in 2008 footwear market consumption will decline by 10%. More than 80% of the shoe orders in Guangdong are dominated by the European and American markets, and the decline of the European and American markets directly affects the survival and development of most shoe factories in Guangdong. At the same time, in the history of the footwear industry, there has never been a shoe platform, such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, so perfect. From R & D design to management technology, from the industrial chain to/ future boots / New York shoe brand popularity Alejandro Ingelmo recently launched a Black Patent Ombre " in tube; Tron" shoes. The shoes named " Tron", and name of science fiction movie full of concept and the future of the atmosphere, shoe body made of a smo Retro jordans for sale oth leather, with different concave convex surface under the irradiation of light shining especially eye-catching, toe parts of the purple and blue translucent rendering, in addition to the gel with the sole complete. /NB red messenger / New Balance M996 " Burgundy Suede" color /NB New 996/ New Balance 2013 holiday season M996 Revlite shoes comments on last article: /NB red messenger / New Balance M996 " Burgundy Suede" color match next article: /NB New 996/ New Balance 2013 holiday season M996 Revlite shoes Nike Air Footscape Motion new Footscape Woven / Air and BOSTON local well-known shop BODIGA to launch a new Night Cat Pack, with a 5th anniversary BODIGA pattern for inspiration to the cathead, tongue embroidered cat black cat symbol pattern, meaning all over the world on behalf of good luck and bad, totally different, Air Footscape Motion leather shoes more use of the weave pattern of unprecedented, design inspiration out of the ordinary and easy collocation of earth color, but also add to the unique charm of this series of shoes in May 29th to sell PHANTACi flagship store, love friends please grasp. [page] subtitle #e# [page] subtitle #e# visvim 2011 autumn and winter latest shoes preview Brooks Brothers x Keds 2011 spring summer joint series shoes for the first time public review on an article: visvim 2011 autumn and winter new shoes preview next article: Brooks Brothers x Keds 2011 spring summer joint series shoes for the first time publicNike design team was inspired by this summer's top sports event will be staged, is committed to exploring those times have immortal sports moments. So they are turni Cheap foamposites for sale ng to 1948, break out of the competitive sports legend from the bottom and the plight of the year. Ventile is a fabric that period at Manchester born. It is a kind of natural fabric waterproof windproof performance, initially for the production of waterproof clothing, its anti-pull and anti-fire performance equally impossible to find fault, called the living environment of the holy grail. As a resilient material, Ventile allow reducing the number of upper cloth, and then with the shock due to the use of innovative technologies and more flexible sole, the AF1 series in appearance and dress sense are more lightweight. And with Tyvek material to create the tongue tag printed with 17-18 words, on behalf of the Comme des Garcons' London Dover Street Market in the house number, but also with those who participate in the competition of athletes race number echoes, as to these elite athletes tribute. DSM AF1 total of two colors: classic navy blue and white summer in Japan, with any clothing items perfect match. DSM AF1 will be held in Tokyo's Ginza district, and July 28 Dover Street Market in London, the first release on July 20. In mid-August, the designated shops United States, Europe and Greater China region will also sale DSM AF1. & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Chinese shoes Network August 16 hearing recently, Nike Brand President Charlie Denson said the Chinese market has accounted for 8% to 9% of Nike's global market share, Nike's largest overseas market. Recently, Nike sponsored jointly USA Basketball will host the First International Basketball Festival, the Chinese team also arrived in New York to attend the eve foamposites for cheap nt. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; First International Basketball Festival invited the United States, the Chinese team, France, Brazil and Puerto Rico five teams, in addition to a match between the teams, there into the community, his fans, basketball performances and other activities. Danson organized once every two years to determine the future international basketball carnival, the use of the Olympic Games and World Championships this international event to promote the brand, but also to promote interaction and exchange among countries of basketball, and do not rule out the future will move to other countries organized activities. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; During Carnival, the Chinese team has with the United States and Puerto Rico teams Tournament team. After the end of the 15th America's warm-up match, the Chinese team fought in Europe, in Serbia last two warm-up. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike is planning a future in-depth development to second-tier and third-tier cities in China, and strive to China's largest sports brand position. "The Chinese market currently accounts for Nike's global sales of 8% to 9%, to become the largest market outside the United States in the coming years, we can look forward to greater development. We have reason to believe that China can achieve rapid market further expansion. tried to fight Nike China's first sports brand, which refers not only basketball, but also other world sports, including soccer, running, or even football, "Danson fully affirmed the status and prospects of the Chinese market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for the next development plan in the Chinese market, Denson trying to represent Nike products to the second- and third-tier cities in China, so that more people are more likely to come into contact with Nike products. "Our goal is to continue to move forward in China, the expansion of product marketing for the city now has a good promotion of Nike products in the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the next to expand to second-tier and third-tier cities through distributors and partners in business The way the product's sales network to expand, but also to strengthen ties with Chinese youth. "Denson that the Chinese market can promote creativity and innovation of Nike products, will improve the innovation process in China. Danson definition of the Chinese market is "dynamic" and "motivated."is the large wheel diameter downhill beast has come true! The Syndicate team announced that it will use 29 inch wheel diameter V10 for the coming World Cup downhill. Although foreign riders on "whether 29er for downhill mountain bike" the topic of debate, but the Santa Cruz V10 29er has turned out! fast track more quickly, more and more time is short, in the fierce competition in the downhill, a second grade is a world of difference. Downhill, is already a millisecond will fight on the battlefield. Syndicate has spent a lot of time and energy fighting the podium every season. Downhill competition is not only the most thrilling game at the same time, the venue is also the best new products and new technology test limit. by the legendary driver Greg · (Greg Minnaar), to promote the V10 29er, which is not surprising. "Last season I used Hightower (29er) in the world endurance race (EWS) in 29er, Italy, and 29er really kept a high speed. I had the idea of going back to V10 at the time." Mina explains Greg ·. ·, Greg's Marsh Jason, pointed out, "we started developing V10 29er, a few years ago, but we didn't allow 29 to be on the world cup," Jason said. But fortunately, Greg's 29er experience on EWS has pushed the previously suspended project back. FOX first solved the first problem, they developed a prototype for V10 40 fork, in the modified Hightower test. In the first test season, Hightower demonstrated the ability to pass quickly in the big wheel, and we decided that we had to develop 29er on V10. And then the real job started. We built different connecting rods, welded three aluminum rocker arms, and tested more. Test drivers ride on the new 29er, and no accident, they get faster! We constantly debug the connecting rod and rear shock absorber, try different angles, stroke, leverage ratio until we find Greg's most satisfactory setting. , but the idea goes far beyond that, and they're trying to build a carbon fiber car. "In order to make sure that the Lourdes riders used carbon fiber at the first stop of the world cup, we started production in mid January." Nick Anderson, chief engineer of Nick Anderson, explained, "in the beginning of the month, the design of the carbon fiber frame was completed and the mold was made in our carbon fiber factory. Fortunately, it has its own carbon fiber manufacturing equipment, which can meet the needs of development projects. I don't think that would be possible without this kind of partnership." 〉 ??????size air max Scandinavian minimalist bathroom with copper fixtures Photo Andreas Mikkel gold rings for women Blackout Fashion Look by Carli Bybel air max Scandinavian minimalist bathroom with&nbs" /〉 cheap flights to new york city Design Build Bathroom Remodel Pictures Arizona Contractor size air max Scandinavian minimalist bathroom with copper fixtures Photo Andreas Mikkel , inspired by the nomadic culture of the Central Asian grassland, has created a new fashion that combines tradition and modernity. Y-3 2012, fall and winter, COLLECTION. Y-3 design director Yamamoto Teruji's style as the latitude and longitude, the pursuit of modern sports clothing style and nomadic traditional elements, the ingenious combination of Adidas proud function technology in single product, whether it is a new type of shoes also feel bag and a find everything fresh and new. In addition this season as film and outfit, invited the industry with a great reputation photographer Collier Schorr, The Story is in the to "Past" express the new world view, is now on the official website of Y-3 fully open. Nike LeBron X + USA zoom James tenth gauge set does not note NBA superstar Lebron · James (LeBron James) of the tenth generation LeBron X boots Olympic gold medal in London tournament debut, the Nike LeBron X recently launched United We + USA Rise launched over the set don't note! Reportedly beyond your imagination very small number of offer sports shoes. With the commercially available 10 generation gap is the biggest shoe. Pure white box body, with gilt words and Logo, and then the same gift box up and down manner, distinguished identity is undoubtedly !